Sunday, 17 November 2019

Usalocations blog recovered .

We have been busy trying to pull all our past blogs and work together ..
Please enjoy the website and pages available and that we are updating all our website , it’s an ongoing  build so be patient if some links and pages are currently not working..
Best regards
Usalocations  17th November 2019.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Another Year almost over and another licensing cycle completed .  will now be online until at least September 2019..
We will be able to help investors to invest into the USA and now Canada  and save
UK and EU investors from hidden fees and extras.
Our Logo now appears in all our newsletters and letters , Our website also has the new logo all over it . Please feel free to copy our logo and share it with as many people as you know .
Being licensed with Century21 means that we can reach every single state within the entire USA.
Any investments you want to consider over in the USA , contact us first and talk with us no obligation no fees and no pressure.
I will end by wishing all  readers a Happy Christmas and I hope that the new year will be Happiness and joy to all.. 10th December 2017.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Latest newsletter online within next few days.

Hi everyone ,
Our latest newsletter will be online within next few days ..
See all of them from our Frontpage

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Usalocations still online ..

Well it's been difficult to keep on going . But we have made it !
At long last there is light at the end of the tunnel.
People are beginning to pay attention and I have started to visit
more property shows.
My last USA trip was only 3 weeks ago and it really once again
Opened my eyes. While I was there I was emailed this property..
By the Uk based magazine .. they also host property shows up and down the country.
within 30 minutes I was stood outside the property !! Amazing what a little knowhow gets for you ..
even without a property address... The price was found out to be within the estimation .. but the photo and marketing made it sound a lot better.. having been stood in the neighbourhood I must say better deals were available.  

#Florida #Property #Investment

People often ask whats the best area to invest in .
I always say that different people will like different areas and  I advice people
to visit and get a feel for any area before they invest.
If like me you enjoy holidays to the USA then most areas you will get on with.
My first area I liked was near Davenport along H27 and close to the walmart..
Quiet and low or no Home Owner Association fees or HOAs as we know them.
my own preference is also long term rental to Americans and stay in a budget hotel its cheaper and creates more cashflow for me ,because i travel alone and only want a bed to rest my head between my old town evenings and social meals with the many people I know around Orlando.
Its nice to see everything being built again and once more people beginning to gain confidence with their own USA Investments. Again the one tip i go on about is the UK based so called USA property experts . I remember how one electrical company were just Box shifters and they added on a huge additional fee whenever they sold a piece of kit. They soon were being questioned and others gave the great British public a better deal and thats all USALocations is all about ..whenever you want to invest in the USA NEVER use a UK based company they add charges fees and other additional costs. If you doubt that I challenge you to email their fantastic promises with a full property address and I will find out more information about the property . Then you will be better informed and in the internet age thats really important..
best regards
Owen Dale Fully licensed Florida Salesperson License NUMBER SL3143603.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Realtor title lost .

 We are still licensed and up to date with the real estate education. We are listed as current inactive . Inactive because to be fully active I would have to spend time in the USA . At the moment  the only deals I am involved with are for myself so I decided to build my portfolio first and to win the trust of others by developing my own full time property business. I aim to one day become a realtor again.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

LAND in FLORIDA from $3500!

Another true stunning story,
Recent property show ..
Land priced at $20000 best deal they say!!
I get plots close by for only $7000..some were actually 30% bigger !
Who sells the most?
YES THATS RIGHT THe overpriced overhyped oversold one does ..

WHY did I become a fully licensed regulated REALTOR again?
I have still sold none this year... amazed yes I really am .